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    • Big news!!! Starting tomorrow I’ll be releasing on YouTube short videos of my recent chat with Christian Toto of! It’s a satirical look inside the mind of a typical political reporter (me) … and yes I was sadly left unsupervised! #paulapriesse #paulatics #politicalhumor #satire #collegeconservatives #fakenewsreporter #politics #comedy
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    18 hours ago

    Paula Priesse

    July 19th – The GOP did something smart yesterday, from ABC News: “House Republicans forced a vote Wednesday on a resolution to express support for ICE -- Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- enraging Democrats who complained the measure was a political stunt intended to embarrass Democrats who have called to abolish the embattled agency.” All but one Republican supported the resolution but less than 10% of the Dems with 133 of its members simply voting “present.” Principled? Nah. Courageous? Nope. Finally, nearly twice as many Democrats (34) voted nay than yea (18). Sorry Dems but these days no “political stunt” is needed to “embarrass” you, you’re doing a bang-up job all by yourselves. Gallup headline yesterday: “Immigration Surges to Top of Most Important Problem List” And this vote will “surge to the top” in GOP campaign ads later this year. P ... See MoreSee Less

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    2 days ago

    Paula Priesse

    July 18th – Just like after 2016, mediacrats keep pushing their Trump/Russia fantasy in case their “blue wave” doesn’t happen. So the best way to highlight their laziness and corruption is to use their own words against them: 1) WA Post: 12/20/17: “Trump administration approves lethal arms sales to Ukraine” 2) Bloomberg 2/13/18: “U.S. Strikes Killed Scores of Russia Fighters in Syria, Sources Say” 3) CNN 3/15/18: “Trump slaps sanctions on Russia for election meddling” 4) CNN 3/26/18: “Trump expelling 60 Russian diplomats in wake of UK nerve agent attack” 5) The Hill 3/28/18: “Poland signs deal to buy Patriot missile defense system” 6) Bloomberg 4/15/18: ”U.S. Led Strikes Against Syria Send Message to Russia 7) CBS News 7/11/18: “Trump blasts Germany at NATO summit over gas pipeline deal with Russia” & 8) Al Jazeera 7/12/18: “Trump to NATO allies: Raise military spending to 4 percent of GDP” So libs who’s been tougher on Putin, Obama or Trump? The President is proof that actions speak louder than words! P ... See MoreSee Less

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    3 days ago

    Paula Priesse

    July 17th – Hmm … we know the left is bonkers but why the insane, over the top reactions from the establishment of both parties? We’re referring of course to the comments after Trump’s meeting with Putin. We could list dozens of examples but this one from a former Watergate prosecutor may be the worst … this is Jill Wine-Banks (naturally) on MSNBC: “His performance today will live in infamy as much as the Pearl Harbor attack or Kristallnacht.” Wine-Banks’ comment is both ignorant and offensive. So again we ask what’s causing this? Is it fear after realizing that “Deep State” corruption is finally being exposed? Or maybe this Trump/Putin obsession is anger after Rosenstein said Russian meddling had no effect on the vote? Or perhaps it’s frustration with a President who keeps his campaign promises by working his tail off? What these INSANE folks need is a 12-step program! Step two: “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” Since it’s doubtful many of them will ever turn to God Americans need to “intervene” on November 6th. P ... See MoreSee Less

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