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    7 hours ago

    Paula Priesse

    October 22nd – The photo below was shot last week by AP photographer Fernando Antonio. The description from AP starts with this: “Two people burn a United States flag during a protest in favor of the caravan of migrants that is currently stuck on the Guatemala-Mexico border, in front of the American embassy, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Friday, Oct. 19, 2018.” As you can see AP conveniently omits that a swastika was also painted on the flag. Ya know, if you’re interviewing for a job it’s probably not a good idea to urinate on the business owner’s rug. Remember a few months back when the GOP was worried about a gap in voter enthusiasm? Well tonight there’s a Trump/Cruz rally in Houston where some Trump supporters started camping out 24 hours earlier. The venue only holds 18,000 but there are reports that more than 100K signed up to attend! You gotta hand it to these Honduran migrants, they’re making great campaign ads for the GOP. P ... See MoreSee Less

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    1 day ago

    Paula Priesse

    October 21st – Take a look at the map below. In 2014 listed the three most common surnames within each state. You may find CA, NM & TX of particular interest. Meanwhile this from USA Today: “A caravan of Central American migrants marching into Mexico bound for the United States grew to more than 5,000 people Sunday despite threats from President Donald Trump to use the U.S. military to seal the border.” The Oxford dictionary has these three definitions for the word INVASION: 1) An instance of invading a country or region with an armed force. 2) An incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity. & 3) An unwelcome intrusion into another's domain. With what’s been happening at our southern border definitions 2 and 3 are spot on! So mediacrats are these caravans or invasions? Tomato tomahto. P ... See MoreSee Less

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    3 days ago

    Paula Priesse

    October 19th – Coming up with a great campaign slogan is not an easy task, especially for mid-term elections. But in Montana yesterday President Trump did just that by saying the following: “The choice could not be more clear: Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs.” Home run though we’re afraid CNN won’t like it much. Hmm … our apologies Mr. President, in that case grand slam home run! P ... See MoreSee Less

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